Abroma Augusta Q Symptoms Uses and Banefit

Abroma Augusta Q Symptoms Uses and Banefit.

Abroma Augusta Q Symptoms Uses and Banefit in hindi

 Abroma Augusta Q – 

   This tincture made from Indian medicine reverse blanket comes with severe pain, pain and difficulty, there is pain and twitching before menstruation, the woman starts tormented by leucorrhoea, black or yellow in color.  Leucorrhoea with eructation, absence of leucorrhoea or excess of pain causes a woman to faint like hysteria, leucorrhoea is irregular, coming from pain and extreme pain gets immediate relief, the weakness of the uterus is removed, young women get pregnant.  Women with yellow faces become beautiful and powerful, their hair becomes long, soft, beautiful and starts growing.  Mix 5 drops with some water and give it 3-4 times a day 4-5 days before the onset of leucorrhoea and in the days of leucorrhoea.

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