Snoring symptoms and causes

  What is snoring?

 Often, some people breathe hard while sleeping and exhale harsh and raspy sounds while exiting, it is called snoring.  Snoring sounds occur when the flow of air causes vibrations in the tissues located in the skin of the throat.  Snoring comes while breathing.  The sound of snoring can come from anyone, nose or mouth.  This sound can start and stop at any time after sleeping.

 Most people snore at some time or the other while sleeping.  Snoring is considered normal in most men.  The reason for the snoring problem is usually genetic.  If one member of the family snores then other members are more likely to have this problem.  Snoring begins to occur normally as we age.  Snoring problems are seen in about 40 percent of adult men and 24 percent of adult women.  After the age of 70, the process of snoring in men decreases.

 Sleeping on the back makes it more likely to snore.  Consumption of alcohol and other narcotics relaxes the muscles of the throat.  Snoring also starts from this.  Deposition of mucus due to a cold or other allergies can also cause snoring.

 The sound of snoring can be very high, and even the person snoring himself can wake up from them.  In most cases, people themselves do not know that they snore.  People who snore may feel dry mouth and throat irritation after waking up from sleep.


 Causes of snoring:

 Obesity – Snoring also occurs due to weight gain.  When someone’s weight increases, more flesh starts hanging on his neck.  Due to this meat, the windpipe gets suppressed while lying down, and there is difficulty in breathing.

 Drinking plenty of alcohol – Like many painkillers, alcohol also reduces the stretchiness of the muscles of the body and makes them expand.  Sometimes the intake of too much alcohol causes the muscles of the throat to spread, which can cause snoring.

 Sinus – One reason for snoring is the sinus.  The enlargement of the sinuses leads to jamming of the nasal cavity.  Not only this, but the increase in the sound of snoring also affects the way the nose is.  In such a situation, if you are a sinus patient, always take precautions.  If you have a cold or are worried about a sinus enlargement, then steam before going to sleep.  This will bring out all the dirt and make it easier to breathe.

 The wrong way to sleep- The back of the throat becomes slightly narrower at bedtime.  In such a situation, if the oxygen enters from a narrow place, the surrounding tissue vibrates.

 Cold – If the nose is closed for more days, get a doctor’s examination.  Sleeping pills and anti-allergic medications also make the muscles of the respiratory tract sluggish, causing snoring.

 Shortening of the lower jaw is also a reason for snoring.  When a person’s jaw is smaller than normal, his tongue turns backward when lying down.  This causes the windpipe to block.  In such a situation, one has to apply pressure to breathe in and out.  This causes vibration.

 Muscle weakness – When the muscles of the throat and tongue become very calm and relaxed, they begin to hang.  This paves the way.  This is usually due to deep sleep, high alcohol intake, or taking sleeping pills.  The hanging of muscles is also a common practice due to aging.

 The breathing tube of men is thinner than the tube of women, so men snore more.

 This disease is also genetic from person to person.

 Nasal airway blockage – Nasal deformities such as curvature of the septum (wall dividing the nasal passages), or small particles inside the nose can also cause airway obstruction.  Apart from this, some people start snoring during winter.

 Even if the neck of the person is very short, there is a breathless sound while sleeping.

 Symptoms of snoring:

 Breathing during sleep- The major symptom of snoring is breathlessness during sleep.

 However, this happens for a long time, so people do not understand this is a symptom of snoring.

 Sleep in the day- Often, you must have seen people sleeping during the day.

 This becomes the habit of such people, which they keep following.

 These people should take sleep during the day seriously and should be examined by a doctor as it can be a sign of snoring.

 Sore throat upon waking- Another symptom of snoring is a sore throat when awakened.

 Usually, people do not take it seriously and gargle with hot water to remove it.

 Such people should seek the advice of a doctor before taking any step because a sore throat on waking up can be a sign of snoring.

 Morning headache- If a person has a morning headache, it should not be ignored as it may be a symptom of snoring.

 For this reason, it should be investigated properly so that the treatment of snoring can be started in time.

 High blood pressure- The possibility of snoring is more in such people who suffer from high blood pressure.

 Such people should take special care of their health and should report it to their doctor in case of any health-related problems.

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