Senega mother Tincture Q Symptoms Uses and Banefit

Senega mother Tincture Q Symptoms Uses and Banefit.

Senega mother Tincture Q Symptoms Uses and Banefit

Senega Q – 

 1 .  America’s famous homeopathic doctor Nesh MD writes that once I went to see an old patient of respiratory disease.  He was having severe asthma attacks for several days.  Even good medicines and injections did not bring relief. The patient was finding it very difficult to breathe.  I put 3-4 drops of senega in half a glass of water and asked to keep drinking one spoon of the medicine after 1-1 hours. In the evening, when I went to see him, the old man laughed and opened the door and told that he should breathe in 2-3 doses.  The diseases went away and the disease did not recur.

 (2) A 50-year-old woman who was having severe difficulty in breathing due to this disease continuously for several months, was afraid of dying due to suffocation and suffocation, when I left she was having an acute asthma attack,  She was sitting on the bed.  His lungs were filled with mucus, the sound of his taking could be heard far and wide.  His face was blue due to no mucus coming out and breathing stopped, I asked to drink a small spoon after 1-1 hours after mixing 5-7 drops in half a glass of water.  The next day the woman told me that after drinking the first dose, I fell asleep after 1/2 hour and slept comfortably all night.

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